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Blog musings:

In response to drawings I did of each of these muses for #draw365 on twitter:




A collector documents on video, the moment he received a purchased drawing by me:



I feel honoured to have been included in this featured artists list by Drew (@SkinnyArtist):

Excerpt: When you first look at one of Caroline’s paintings, portraits, or one of her incredible series you realize almost immediately that something is different.  You may not even be able to put you finger on what exactly it is, but it is as if an invisible thread runs through all of her paintings rendering them all irrevocably original and unique.  To me an artist such as this, one who has clearly found her voice, is an artist one should consider following very closely.

If Caroline was simply an amazing artist, however, she probably wouldn’t have made this list.  The sad truth is that the world is full of incredibly talented people who you would walk across the street to avoid.  Fortunately, Caroline is a wonderful human being as well.  In fact, if you’ve spent any time at all around the artist community on Twitter, chances are good that you’ve seen @RubiesAreBlue mentioned in more than a few tweets. The reason, is that Caroline is always extraordinarily supportive and generous with her fellow artists.

I would really encourage you to take a few minutes and stop by her blog or visit with her a bit on Twitter.  I truly believe that when you do,  you’ll understand why we say that she is an artist to watch.

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